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Surely your holiday greeting this year was cute and all, but I doubt it surfaced as adorable as the above video from my good friends Christina and Josh.

It’s rare that I find a couple in semi-matching outfits less than nauseating and even more rare when I find it downright precious. However, they pull it off.

In just under two weeks, I fly out to Asheville to officiate their wedding. Kinda cool, huh?

THE CURE: Love Cats

I’ve said it once before and I’ll definitely say it again, this is my favorite Cure song. Ever. 

TY SEGALL: My Head Explodes

GPOY in song/video form. Mostly song. TBH the video is kinda gaggy, IMO. More acronyms (MA).

PUSHA T: Exodus 23:1

According to Stereogum, this is a diss track directed toward Drake. I don’t really get that, but then again, I don’t really get the whole hip-hop beef thing to begin with.

The video features people doing drugs in creative (to me) ways including at least one involving origami. There are also a few instances of that cool smoking-in-reverse camera trick and secret handshakes. So I love this, of course.

Samuel Rogers directs.

SQUEEZE: Black Coffee in Bed

Oh my God. This is my life right now.

Footage from urban garden wonderland Brooklyn Grange. That’s a whole are of rooftop vegetation, folks. And this here is some mighty fine garden porn. I mean, wouldja get a load of the color in those tomatoes?

Not to brag and not that this is the exact one, but my new housemate has a super old, super fat pug. OK, I am bragging.

SAVES THE DAY: ”Freakish,” Stay What You Are

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that this song happened and I used to call it my favorite. As short as my obsession with Saves The Day might have been, I can never diss them. After all, they were kinda my gateway.

Princess Chelsea: Too Fast to Live

Oh em gee! It’s the fourth music video from the royal brat’s debut Li’l Golden Book. Here we hear her (say that five times fast) present a case against binge drinking. Unfortunately, the fierce instance of tickle guitar (scroll to 2:13) counteracts all her points, IMO. Robbie Neilson “directs” but I kind of have no idea what that means with this particular video. That’s not to say I don’t like it, that’s just to say that I don’t get it.

Oh, oh! Don’t forget, CMJers (and the rest of us stoopid Nu Yawkuhhz who decide to stick it out here year-round), Princess Chelsea and a slew of other golden kiwi poppers hit (le) poisson rouge Oct. 18 for New Zealand @ CMJ Showcase. The event is free for you smug little badge-holders. Everyone else should RSVP.