Hey look. That’s my granny in 1956 on the far right. She has style for miles but she’d hate me for saying that. And although her geometric collars are always crisp, she still prefers to be barefoot and sits with her legs bent all crazy in chairs while she throws back a Coors.

We all need heroes and she’s a pretty decent one, IMO. The alarmed kid (my dad’s cousin??) front and center is a strong contender, too.

TOM WAITS: Live Circus

Shout-out to that one night in college I spent in the Florida Theater in a sequin’d shirt, clutching a Pacifico and positively sobbing to this man for two hours. The way he writes is something fucking genius.

JOHNNY ADAMS: Georgia Morning Dew


Stop it.


No, I’m loading up a big truck July 30 and heading south to resettle in Atlanta. 

Dance with me tonight, New York.

Dance with me tonight, New York.

Decided to add a new Facebook photo album this afternoon and so far it’s going over well.



the last one tho

you sir are fucking amazing

Reblogging just so I can find this again easily when I need it.

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Work tip: keep a jar of natural peanut butter in yr desk drawer so when you wanna scream you can shove a spoonful in yr mouth.

Get yr protein.

Here is an exhaustive, comprehensive guide to Chicago this weekend from Brandon Braska:


Georgio Marauder is the guy who remixed a KMFDM song in the 90’s.

Avery Tare is an animal collectivist and his slasher flicks is a band he’s in

The Field is probably a dance act, or whatever dance music is called nowadays, like “footpower” or “lefthook”.

Sun Killmoon is that guy who sings slow.

St. Vincent has amazing hair.

Hudson Mohawk must’ve seen that bruce willis movie and thought it was funny. I preferred Last Action Hero.

DJ Spinn I am guessing is a DJ that plays (or “spins”) records.  Clever name!

Slowdive is that british band that looks at their shoes (or is it YOUR shoes?) while they play

SZA must be a wu-tang clan member

Danny Brown is I think the guy with funny teeth from the pitchfork headlines, or is that Mac DeMarco?

Real Estate is that indie rock band that if you play their record, when it ends you’ll go “hunh, was music playing?”

Dum Dum Girls I thought was the band that broke up and one of them is in Haunted Hearts.

Cloud Nothings: see “Real Estate”

Earl Sweatshirt is the guy who was kidnapped by his parents and forced to quit Wolf Parade

Deafheaven is a metal band people will tell you is great but really they’re just funny (less funny than Dethklok)

Circ System is the fun psych band with everyone from athens (say hi to John Fernandes for me)

Twin Peaks is that new restaurant that’s like Hooters but in better locations

Speedy Ortiz was the band that sounded the most like Helium but now Ex Hex sounds more like Helium.

Cram all that and you’ll be the most knowledgable pitchfest kid

h/t Ciara