STEVE WINWOOD: Back In The High Life Again

Posting this. Again.

Good afternoon.

I went to a miniature animal petting zoo, NBD (JUST KIDDING, VERY BIG DEAL) and all I photographed was a tiny llama and a seemingly tiny Tyler in a very big chair.

Other tiny things they had: buffalo, goats, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, alpaca, cows, donkeys, weird fowl 

Other big things they had: the above chair, rabbits, a herding dog called RIPPER 

ASHA BHOSLE: Aaiye Meharbaan

Been a wild past few days involving a miniature animal petting zoo, spontaneous dance parties, v. v. dope bagels, etc. Anyway.

Dreamt last night I was pet-setting my old roommate mom’s pet fox (who eventually evolved in such a way he spoke in a British accent) pygmy deer and alligator (both nonspeaking dummies). Dismemberment Plan was there, too. We all hung out at my absurdly huge stone home.

Then a vicious storm struck, trapping us all. But it was chill. My alarm sprightly sounded just as Eric Axelson finished preparing a cheese and jam plate for the group.

Good morning.

Dating is easy.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is writing ever hard for you?
beca beca Said:

Of course it is. And I’m grateful for the struggle because otherwise how would I get the chance to progress?

Sometimes writing comes along with zero effort and the magic of that makes me feel kind of spiritual about it. I experience moments when so much of a story, of words and strings of them — they percolate in my head and getting it/them out isn’t really a choice. Like a brain dump.

Other times it’s an enormous struggle. I sit stunned at my open, glowing laptop and can’t get it out. I let myself do a limited number of OCD things in the meantime — like ferociously cleaning my apartment, baking something, going on a run.

However, you must have a ceiling on distracting activities you allow yourself before you sit the fuck down and get the fuck to work.

Because ultimately, I’ve never found writer’s block to be a naturally passing thing. It won’t die on its own. 

You have to break out the metaphorical sledgehammer and knock it down. To get started, you just have to write. Write anything. Write trash, stuff you will surely throw away before presenting it before any other eyes. Keep going. Eventually, it will stop being trash. Or you can look it over and refurbish it into not trash. You frankly gotta get going and although it’s hard, if you actually want to write, you’ll have to start somewhere with something. Anything.


I’ve been enlisted to DJ a Harry Potter-themed baby shower. Please send along any track suggestions at your convenience.

Good (madly late) morning.

Dating is easy.

Dating is easy.

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RIP standing desk efforts.

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DALIDA: Gigi L’Amoroso

I wanted to add a little of whining here re: this cool new zit, starting the day immediately having to think/read/write about and listen to Nickelback, not getting that dating ghostwriter job I wanted, etc. etc. etc. 

OK, all done now.

Good morning.

Dating is easy.

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