Lobster eating instruction or Cosmo Sex Tip? You decide.

Dating is easy.

I haven’t worked at the Union Square Barnes & Noble for over two years but there’s no way I could possibly defriend this former coworker on Facebook as she posts exclusively gold.

Something very cool my friend in Gowanju IG’d.


After much deliberation and weeks of leaving pet listing tabs open seemingly only to summon agony, I mostly decided to adopt another cat. I found a post for Maine Coon kittens North OTP and texted the number on the Craig’s List ad. I was still nervous about pulling the trigger too early but when I talked the asking price down from $150 to $30, I felt like a successful business tycoon and when you learn something like that about yourself, you deserve a treat.

Like a kitten.

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Good morning.


At least a Basic would have the stones to call someone a bitch, if that’s what she meant. After enough white wine.

Dating is easy.

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THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN: Need You Tonight (INXS cover)

Oh dang. Good night.